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Create password protected DVD/CD/USB Stick to send it via postal mail, for backups and for travel
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26 November 2013

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Removable storage devices are popular for transferring data from one system to other. If you also use DVD/CD or USB Stick for transferring the data, and you want to keep your information safe and secure, the Master Voyager 1.17 could prove to be worth using solution for you. Master Voyager is particularly designed to create protected USB Memory Sticks, and DVD/CD. It helps you to create protected areas on the media that can be accessed by entering correct password to view protected contents. The program works with Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit method for protecting your records.

Master Voyager includes strong and advanced encryption standard method, which is used to protect contents. It foes not requires the user to install any additional CD burning software as it consists of DVD/CD burning module embedded with it. The program is compatible to work with CDR/ DVD+-R/CDRW/ /DVD+-RW disc types. The interface contains different options on the toolbar enabling the users to protect their data. Select the folder and files that you want to be saved with protection. It’s easy to get the information about the discs and drive, browse through different partition areas formed like Public Area, My Documents, My Pictures and Videos, etc. When it comes to protection of the partition you’re provided ‘Partition Manager’, you can select the partition and make the required changes to it. You can form many secure partitions with different passwords on one media. You also get the features to Erase or Burn the DVD. Creating the protected media you need install Master Voyager on all system as you just need to enter the correct password to access the files.

Master Voyager 1.17 is used to protect CD/DVD and USB memory stick with password to make your data secure from non-permitted intrusion. It is very easy to use tool, and can be operated by even the novice user. Considering its variety of features, the software has been deservingly rated with 3.5 points.

Publisher's description

Master Voyager is especially designed to create protected DVD/CD discs and USB Memory Sticks. It creates protected areas on the media and it is needed to enter password to see protected contents. Protected Disc/USB Stick is fully autonomous and does not need any special software installed on computer. It has strong encryption of protected contents. Advanced Encryption Standard 256 bit is used to protect your records. AES is new Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) and used to protect sensitive information by U.S.Government organizations (and others). Embedded CD/DVD burning module. It supports CDR/CDRW/DVD+-R/DVD+-RW disc types. You do not need to buy special CD burning software. No need to have Master Voyager software on computer to read protected media. Every protected disc/usb stick contains AutoPlay module. You just need to insert disc into CD Drive (or connect your Flash Stick to USB port) and it will ask password to continue. The only requirement is to have Windows Vista/XP/2000 (32 or 64 bit) and CDROM/USB port. The protected media does NOT install any software to the target computer. It is fully autonomous. Download and try 30 days evaluation version for free of charge.
Master Voyager
Master Voyager
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It is BEST Software in its class.It is very easy for use.Must for all who wanted to secure their private data.Very fast and easy to use
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